Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise for Kids and Teens

Assisting children improve mobility, decrease pain and manage stress


Assessments and Consultations

  • Prior to creating your child's treatment plan we do a thorough health intake and assessment to create a plan that meets your child's unique needs. We are happy to communicate and consult with any and all members of your child's team to ensure we are all working together.

Massage Therapy House/Hospital calls/Onsite visits

  • Massage Therapy has a wide variety of benefits including stress management, improved mobility,  rehabilitation, improvement for digestive issues, decrease pain, improved physical awareness and a positive experience with touch.

Therapeutic Exercise

  • Rmt4kids offers therapeutic exercise programs designed specifically for your child based on their personal assessment.  These  one on one outcome based programs are designed to improve mobility, strength, flexibility, proprioception, balanced and motor planning.  We work with your family to create realistic goals and then create a program specifically to meet those goals